BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Borderland is One Step Closer to Becoming Abortion-Free!

Just a few days ago, I received a call from my good friend Dr. Joe Pojman who is the Executive Director of the Texas Alliance for Life in Austin with the best news I’ve heard all year!

He said he was calling just minutes after learning a HUGE UPDATE for our Borderland community saying, “Mark, we’ve never seen this before! All of you in El Paso are doing amazing work!”

This incredible news comes just in time as we prepare for our single most important 40 Days for Life campaign, as we continue to see an influx of women driving from across the entire state of Texas to stay in El Paso for abortions just across the state line in Santa Teresa, NM.

Join us for this major announcement — which I haven’t even shared with my staff yet! — at our Kickoff Rally at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, September 21 at Westside Community Church, just 10 minutes from the last active abortion center in the Borderland, where you will also get an exclusive tour of their beautiful new pregnancy help center!

  • WHO: Pro-life prayer volunteers + friends
  • WHAT: 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally (in-person event!)
  • WHERE: Westside Community Church, 201 E Sunset Rd, El Paso, TX 79922 | Click here for directions
  • WHEN: 6:00 PM, Tuesday, September 21
  • WHY: Celebrate a major announcement and kickoff our next prayer campaign to help God end abortion in the Borderland!

After having virtual kickoffs for our past two campaigns, we’re doubly excited to be back for our first in-person kickoff rally in over a year! 

By attending this free kickoff rally, you will be:

  • AMAZED to hear this announcement before anyone else which the Texas Alliance for Life said they’ve never seen before! 
  • EQUIPPED with your free t-shirt for everyone who commits to pray one hour a week between Sept 22 to Oct 31
  • INTRODUCED to other like-minded prayer warriors uniting in our 40-day unbroken chain of prayer, fasting, and vigil
  • CONNECTED with local pregnancy help centers and pro-life resources empowering more women to choose life
  • MOTIVATED by real first-hand testimonies from women affected by the violence of abortion
  • INSPIRED by the staggering results both locally and beyond of this global movement of the Holy Spirit
  • EDUCATED about the new Texas Heartbeat Law and what it means for our local pro-life efforts 
  • CONFIDENT knowing exactly what easy actions you can take as part of a united, proven, and peaceful effort making a profound local impact to help moms, save lives, and end abortion

After you RSVP below, be sure to share this link with everyone you know who believes in the power of prayer and the sanctity of all human life!

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Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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