Pro-Life Internship in El Paso Helping Young Adults Grow In Their Faith

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our staffed interns know that sidewalk outreach looks a lot different than from the outside looking in. It is not just “entry level” work in the pro-life movement. It’s the most essential work, but it is spiritually demanding, and it is not easy. The young adults who brave the sidewalk in El Paso and Santa Teresa are compassionate servant leaders who find themselves not only helping others, but growing in their own faith. 

One intern Laurin reflected that the pro-life outreach through our Her Care Connection program is different from anything she had ever seen on TV. “I find myself praying more intentionally and personally for the people I meet,” she said after coming face-to-face with the real challenges members of their community are going through. As our team seeks to understand their fears and meet their needs, we are compelled to pray deeply for them. 

Students have described the internship as “a great opportunity for young adults to grow in their faith and love for others.” Spiritual growth happens through abiding in God’s word, selfless prayer, and then living out God’s call for our lives. It has been a joy and blessing for me to witness God call so many amazing young adults to stand in defense of women and the lives of their preborn children. 

Many have started off just beginning to grow their relationship with God and have been surprised to find support through their fellow Her Care Connection team members. Together, interns learn how to approach strangers and speak confidently to them in loving service. Even when the women at the abortion centers have vastly different views or opinions, we embrace the challenge to make personal connections and reflect the hope of Jesus Christ.

Andrea, who I mentioned yesterday, also said that she’s “learning how to say ‘yes’ to God, even when it’s hard.” Even when she feels that it’s impossible to reach someone, she knows that God is working through her and that He has the last say. “Even when it doesn’t always work out, I’ve learned He is still with me.” 

Joel, who I also mentioned yesterday, said that the Christian fellowship he’s found as an outreach intern at the Southwest Coalition for Life has given him a new light of hope. “Even in the darkness, we know that we can find hope in Jesus Christ and fellowship.” 

In addition to the countless stories of lives saved and hearts changed, I’ve been blessed to watch dozens of young adults grow in their faith through the challenges and joys they face on the sidewalk. Through both the disappointments and triumphs, they learn to rely on God more than they ever have before, with the mentorship to put their prayers into action. I certainly pray for them every day and ask you to do the same, that they will draw closer to Jesus Christ through the impactful work they do for His Kingdom. 

Growth in faith takes time, prayer, and trials. The Her Care Connection outreach team is dedicated to the singular focus of pouring themselves out to empower women to choose life, and as a result, they grow closer to the Lord through this charitable service.

And thanks to your support and prayers, as they grow closer to God, they are also growing professionally with the experience and formation to become the next generation of pro-life leaders!

Amazingly, I’ve recently realized that this kind of opportunity only exists in perhaps three or four cities across the nation, and uniquely so right here in the Borderland. So if the groundbreaking work happening through our Her Care Connection program has in any way sparked your interest, you can learn more about this unique part-time paid opportunity on our Her Care Connection page, or click below to fill out the time-limited application. 

We are looking to hire three or four new interns over the next couple of weeks, so please help spread the word by forwarding this article to anyone you know who might be interested!

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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