New Mexico: The New Frontline of the Pro-Life Movement in Post-Roe America

Abortion corporations are flocking to New Mexico, where abortion remains unregulated up to delivery for any reason, even for minors without parental consent! … Join local, state, and national leaders at the epicenter of Post-Roe America to speak out and discover how YOU can be a part of the next pro-life solution! Learn more and register at

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00:12:20 David Bereit
00:15:43 Fr. Alejandro Reyes
00:26:52 Terri Herring
00:37:31 Mike Seibel
00:42:24 Mark Lee Dickson
00:50:30 Senator David Gallegos
00:54:32 Mary Solorza
00:56:57 Dominique Davis
01:06:00 Leah Jacobson
01:16:34 Mark Cavaliere
01:28:45 David Bereit
01:38:48 Pastor David Poland

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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