Our Fall 2020 campaign was called “Pray Outside So They Can #StayInside” highlighting the greater threat of abortion and importance of remaining active even in spite of COVID. Rebekah Vasquez coordinated the Planned Parenthood vigil and Frank Torres coordinated the Santa Teresa vigil. During this campaign we had a memorial for the estimated 40,000 who lost their lives at the Hill Top abortion center. After an opening song, prayer, Scripture, and sermon, the story of baby Joseph Thomas was shared by Karen, a long-time Sidewalk Advocate who was present the day his remains were discovered on the ground outside Hill Top on Good Friday 2011. Testimonies were shared by Ester Garcia of Rachel’s Vineyard, and Jackie along with her son Andy after choosing life two years ago. A wreath included a framed print of the remains of Joseph Thomas found nine years ago which were denied a proper memorial or burial, and the ribbons read, “In Memory of Joseph Thomas and all babies lost 1984-2020.” Two infant caskets were donated. One from Trappist Caskets for Joseph Thomas which contained the photo of his remains. The second was donated from Perches Funeral Home in El Paso. Each person was invited to pray and place one rose petal in the casket, filling the casket with 400 petals, representing approximately 100 babies lot per petal. After praying, each person then placed their roses on the adjacent fence. After a blessing from Fr. Mark, and praying a Litany in Response to Abortion, the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard held a brief ceremony to close the caskets as taps was played on a bugle. The Knights then carried the caskets away in procession. After this, our new Save the Storks Mobile Ultrasound Unit which is named after Joseph Thomas and was blessed by Fr. Mark as an ongoing and life-saving memorial in his name.