On September 1, we witnessed “Jane Doe” who returned to Women’s Reproductive Clinic of Sunland Park with the body of her deceased baby who was delivered at home following a botched surgical abortion. Jane went to the clinic in physical pain and emotional panic in order to get help, answers, and her medical records. The abortionist, Franz Theard, refused to speak with Jane and instead fled the scene in his car after instructing police be called on her. The abortion facility refused to provide answers, a refund, or medical records, then illegally took custody of her baby’s body, which is when police arrested both Jane and her husband when she became emotionally distraught. Our Coalition for Life staff on the scene were able to get Jane released from jail, ensure she got medical treatment, and connected her to our attorney at Abortion on Trial for free legal representation. After nearly 7 months of legal battles, the criminal charges against Jane Doe were dismissed and she is now filing her own lawsuit for medical malpractice against Franz Theard, at absolutely no cost to her.