Extra Blessings for Paulina from Midland

Our 2021 Hero of the Year who was one of the first women to choose life on our mobile ultrasound bus has just lost her job, her car, and apartment. Let’s help!



At our recent banquet, we recognized our Hero of the Year, Paulina, who’d just given birth to her precious baby girl, Kezia, in November 2021. Paulina was one of the first women to choose life on our Medical Ultrasound Bus when it launched in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, just 10 months ago, after she drove 4 hours from Midland, Texas.

Since then, Paulina has made numerous sacrifices to give her daughter a stable, loving home. Jessica, our Director of Operations, has been meeting with Paulina regularly, helping her make better decisions and guiding her to find a job that’s better suited for her as a new mom.

Because Paulina has demonstrated self-reliance and has already received rent support from our Hero Fund, she’s been reluctant to share her needs, however, through many conversations in mentoring her, we’ve discovered she’s in dire need of an extra blessing.

Paulina wants to work but doesn’t have anyone to leave her baby with. Because of this, she lost first her job, and then her apartment. Right now, she and Kezia are living in her sister’s one-bedroom apartment. Additionally, she loaned her car to a friend, who unfortunately totaled it, making Paulina unable to drive to work.

Paulina’s going to need help with everything, which is where you come in. We’re asking our community if anyone has a car they’re willing to donate. If so, please contact our office or email jessica@southwest.life. Otherwise, we’d like to raise an extra $5,000 for a basic used car so that Paulina can at least get to work. If you’d like to make an extra blessings donation towards Paulina’s apartment or utilities, this is needed as well!

We’re so thankful for this generous, loving community that continually fights to end abortion and supports moms who choose life for their babies. If you feel called to give, please do so on this campaign page and we’ll use 100% of the proceeds for Paulina’s specific needs.

What are Extra Blessings?

Our Hero Fund was launched in 2020 to help abortion-vulnerable moms meet urgent financial needs to help them confidently choose life. But sometimes even after her baby is born, these heroic moms still need our help. Extra Blessing campaigns are a new crowdfunding project under our Hero Fund initiative, to find a way to support moms in need who have already used or no longer qualify for direct assistance from our Hero Fund. This will allow us to make specific needs of women and children known to our community which are beyond our program’s current ability to support, and gives you the opportunity to do a little extra to help a new mom get back on her feet. 100% of the funds raised in a given campaign will directly benefit the mom and baby in need.