Statement & Supporting Women After Overturn of Roe vs Wade

For the past 50 years, Roe vs Wade had placed an unfair expectation on women to alter, suppress, and destroy the normal healthy functions of her natural body, telling women what to do with their bodies through pills, devices, and invasive surgeries in order to conform to definitions of success in society and the workplace based on male norms. It also furthered a culture of men using, abusing, and objectifying women for sex on demand without consequence. This is something every woman has experienced in some way, for which I apologize as a man. Now, after 50 years of scientific and medical advancements in women’s healthcare, perhaps we can finally come together to reevaluate our understanding of women’s rights by instead shifting the expectation to employers, universities, and society to be the ones to conform to better support the normal healthy functions of women’s natural bodies, so that regardless of differing opinions, no women ever feels that she has no choice but to turn to the unfair choice of abortion to achieve her goals.

Destroying a normal healthy function of someone’s natural body is not healthcare, nor should it ever be considered an advancement of women’s rights. While organizations that profit and benefit from abortion can’t even define what a woman is — and other corporations are now paying for their female employees to travel for abortions just so she can clock more working hours for them — our organization is recognizing the unique value of every woman by putting policies in place to accommodate her normal healthy body such as paid menstrual and menopausal leave for female employees, who shouldn’t be told to take sick leave for something normal and healthy. We are welcoming and supporting open breastfeeding, pumping, and child watch in the workplace, with additional nursing and rest areas, as well as child watch for employees and clients alike, while ensuring better support for paid maternity absence. This should be the norm, so that no woman ever feels conflict between being a woman and being successful. I call upon all pro-life employers to lead by example and do the same, and if pro-choice employers and educational institutions are truly pro-woman, they should follow our example as well.

Sadly, due to political misinformation and misunderstandings, some pro-abortion groups are calling for and committing acts of vandalism against wholistic women’s centers like ours, which is truly an egregious injustice against the thousands of women who gratefully rely on this free care, financial and material assistance, and education and support, from pre-pregnancy to years into parenting or adoption, as well as support through the difficulty of pregnancy loss. Now more than ever, we believe every person deserves excellent healthcare, and are committed to providing and connecting women to free, quality, and compassionate care that recognizes and affirms her natural, healthy, and beautiful superpowers of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood, without shame or judgement, to truly help moms be heroes.

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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