On 10-Year Memorial, Ultrasound Bus Named After Aborted Baby Arrives Where He Died on Good Friday

As we reflect on the Passion of our Lord on the Cross today, let us consider the words of theologian Peter Kreeft, who said that abortion is the demonic parody of Christ’s sacrifice, pointing out that abortion advocates even use the same holy words of Christ, “This is my body,” but with the blasphemous opposite meaning.

Furthermore, Msgr. Philip Reilly, founder of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, stated: “We seek to join Mary and John at the foot of the cross, the modern-day Calvary at the abortion mills, where the image of Christ among us today is being crucified.”

Today we remember not only the selfless sacrifice of Christ for our sins, but we also remember the 10 year anniversary of Good Friday 2011, when the remains of a 12-week old baby boy, who was later named Joseph Thomas, were discovered in a trash bag near the parking lot dumpster outside the Hill Top center in El Paso after being sacrificed on the altar of convenience. 

On Palm Sunday, during the final hour of our 40 Days for Life Spring 2021 campaign, we announced that on March 25 — the Feast of the Annunciation, exactly 9 months before Christmas, when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary her conception of the Messiah in her womb — we were approved with a second medical director for New Mexico in addition to our Texas medical director. This now allows us to finally bring our Medical Ultrasound Bus outside the Santa Teresa abortion facility.

You can watch the replay below, which ended with prayer volunteers encircling and placing their hands in on the mobile unit, praying for all who enter to be moved and empowered to choose life.

We also shared more of Joseph Thomas’ story after learning recently that a former nurse from Hill Top confessed that in his case, the abortion was done on an underage girl around 15 years old. Because she didn’t have the parental consent required in Texas, they transported her across the state line to carry out the abortion in Santa Teresa. Afterward, they returned to El Paso to dispose of the “medical waste” at their main Hill Top facility, where Joseph Thomas’ remains were spilled onto the parking lot. 

So while Joseph Thomas was discovered in El Paso, his life was ended in Santa Teresa. And today, exactly 10 years later, our Medical Ultrasound Bus which is named in his memory is officially operating outside the same abortion business that took his life, helping empower women to save his preborn brothers and sisters from the same tragic fate.

This is not only a providential story that only God could write, but it is also strategic timing that only God could plan. We firmly believe that this last remaining location of the notorious abortionist Franz Theard is on the brink of closure. We know that he is facing at least three lawsuits and a medical board investigation, he just closed his primary Hill Top location last year, he recently and tragically lost his head nurse manager to COVID, and his own health appears to be ailing since he recovered from COVID himself.

And now, in addition to our staffed outreach interns covering every hour to connect abortion-vulnerable women to life-affirming care, we are also bringing the life-saving power of free high-quality ultrasounds directly to the front door of his abortion business.

Which led us to our final announcement that even though 40 Days for Life is over, now is NOT the time to stop our prayer vigil on the sidewalk. On the contrary, now is the time to turn up the spiritual heat more than ever before!

After our 40 Days for Life Fall 2019 campaign, we launched our own local Countdown Crusade vigil outside Hill Top, to literally count down the days until Hill Top closed … which happened just five months later!

So we are bringing the Countdown Crusade back! 
This time it’s focused outside Theard’s last location in Santa Teresa. This campaign works exactly like 40 Days for Life, except we will only be covering the days and hours that the abortion facility is open.

Now we need YOU to sign up, and our Community Engagement Manager Rebekah will be in touch to coordinate your part in this final stretch to see abortionist Franz Theard out of business after 37 years and all of Southern New Mexico become abortion-free:

If you want to join us in prayer TODAY on this historic 10-year memorial of Joseph Thomas, which is also the official launch of our Medical Ultrasound Bus named in his memory in Santa Teresa, we will be there from 7:30 AM to 2:00 pm or so. Your peaceful prayer will ensure maximum impact. The address is 5290 McNutt, Santa Teresa, NM  88008.

Just for fun, I also wanted to point out that we recently received our new custom license plate for mobile unit — which is part of our Her Care Connection program under our Southwest Coalition for Life umbrella — as we help attract and connect her to the care she needs to choose life!

And finally — as a surprise even for myself — as I finish this message, I just got a notification reminding me that on top of everything else, today is also the 7th anniversary of the loss of one of our sons, Vincent, to miscarriage. May he and Joseph Thomas join us from heaven in praying for an end to abortion.

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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