Lynn Arnold: Servant of Life 2023

Lynn Arnold, LM, CPM, is a distinguished leader in midwifery. Her journey started in 1975 in California, and soon after the decision of Roe vs Wade, Lynn served a pro-life hotline assisting women in crisis. As a midwife, she has seen a gamut of birth situations, from twins and breech births to successful VBACs, including delivering babies internationally, even in Tibet.

Moving to Idaho in 1978, she launched a thriving childbirth practice and recognized the profound need for more skilled midwives. This spurred her dream of a high-volume, freestanding birth center, realized in El Paso, Texas, in 1985. This center, Casa de Nacimiento, offered safe, affordable maternity care and midwifery training. By its closure in 2011, Casa had welcomed over 13,000 new lives and trained over 800 new midwives. Ironically, the building that was home to Casa is now occupied by Planned Parenthood, which she feels is in stark contrast to her life’s work.

Beyond her birth centers, Lynn’s dedication is far-reaching. She crafted a Texas-approved midwifery curriculum, served on numerous midwifery boards, and consults for international midwifery programs. Currently, she continues to practice homebirth midwifery and is a renowned educator in the field.

Respecting and supporting women’s truly informed choices forms her birth philosophy. She believes women possess the power and intelligence to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. Central to her El Paso-based midwifery practice is woman-centered care, providing personalized education, counseling, and perinatal care with minimal intervention.

Lynn’s proficiency extends to special circumstance consultations and deliveries, such as late registrations, VBACs, breech birth, and twins. She gracefully handles complex scenarios with skill and empathy.

A mother to six, grandmother to 14, and a great-grandmother to four, Lynn dedicates her life to nurturing family and advocating for the sanctity of life and motherhood. Now, she brings her life-affirming care and steadfast passion to the Southwest Coalition, assisting in broadening childbirth support at Guiding Star Southwest so Borderland women can once again have a faith-aligned, life-affirming premier birthing experience.

We are honored to present Lynn Arnold with our annual Fr. Richard Thomas Servant of Life Award due to her inspirational service to mothers and babies.

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