Father’s Day “Must-Dash” for Life 2021 Fun Run & Walk Results & Photos

This past Saturday, June 19, 2021, marked our first-ever Father’s Day “Must-Dash” for Life Fun Run & Walk at Ascarate Park in El Paso, with Dr. Pat Castle from LIFE Runners, and it was an enormously successful with lots of fun for all involved across all ages, which raised $68,000 to help moms and babies in the Borderland!

Over 300 people registered for the event which was sponsored by local and national organizations including Taco Cabana Catering, Justin Cates Realtor, Edible Arrangements, Automotive Design Studio, Chuco Cigars, Thrive Wellness & Rehab, Claude’s Sauces, Monterrey Assets, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Great American Steakburger, Serra Catholic Vocations of the Mesilla Valley, S&S Cases, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, 40 Days for Life, Fred Loya Insurance, and more!

Here were the results and awards/prizes for all the various competitions:

Top Fundraising Individuals:

  1. Jill Cavaliere ($9,535)Big Screen TV
  2. Roberta Paz ($2,715)Nintendo Switch 
  3. Veronica Esparza ($2,425)iPad
  4. Phillip Paz ($1,835)$200 Gift Card to Hannah Faith Photography
  5. Joseph Hobdy ($1,320)Applebee’s Gift Cards
  6. Sylvia Dominguez ($1,030)Ivan Casas Salon Bundle

Top Fundraising Teams:

  1. Bootheel for Life ($13,713)Team Plaque + $125 Edible Arrangements Gift Card + Free Boss Custards!
  2. Baby Michael ($5,845)Team Plaque +$100 Edible Arrangements Gift Card + Free Boss Custards!
  3. The 413 Effect ($2,575)Team Plaque +$75 Edible Arrangements Gift Card + Free Boss Custards!

Largest Teams:

  1. St. John Paul II Parish (34 members) Plaque + Top Golf Gift Card + Free Custards for all members!
  2. Christians in Action (31 members) – Coffee Gift Card + Free Boss Custards for all team members!
  3. Rachel’s Vineyard (24 members) – Free Boss Custards for all team members!

Best Dad Jokes, judged by Dr. Pat Castle!

  1. Manuel HernandezGrill + “King of Dad Jokes” Mug
    • “What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where’s Popcorn?”
  2. Jimmy BarrazaDrill + Dad Joke Button
    • “What did one wave say to the other wave? Nothing, they just waved!”
  3. Timothy RallToolbox with tools
    • I work in construction. Every time my foreman asks for a stud finder, I say, “Why, I’m right here!”

Best Decorated Stroller:

  • Melissa CavaliereNail & Spa Gift Card

Fastest Stroller Entry:

  • James Dunn2 tickets to Phil Wickham concert!

Diaper Dash (Crawling Division)

  1. Noah – Gold Medal + $50 Walmart Gift Card + Moustache Pacifier
  2. Benet – Silver Medal + Moustache Pacifier
  3. Susie – Bronze Medal + Moustache Pacifier

Tot Trot (Walkers up to age 4)

  1. Gabriel Gold Medal + $50 Walmart Gift Card – Moustache Glasses
  2. JosephSilver Medal + Moustache Glasses
  3. CharlieBronze Medal + Moustache Glasses

Kid Sprint (Ages 5-8)

  1. Brandon – Gold Medal + Cinemark Movie Pass + Moustache Glasses
  2. BillySilver Medal + Moustache Glasses
  3. GabrielBronze Medal + Moustache Glasses
  1. Hannah – Gold Medal + Cinemark Movie Pass + Moustache Glasses
  2. Sofia Silver Medal + Moustache Glasses
  3. Sophia Bronze Medal + Moustache Glasses

5K racing results are listed at the end below the gallery.

5K 6K Top 3 Finishers by Age Group

Unfortunately, when we started the main 5K race, we had a small mix up on our route which resulted on most of the 5K runners taking a slight detour which resulted in them running a total of 6.1K! No one seemed to mind and everyone still had a great time, but we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen next time.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded to the top three males and females in the following age groups:

Male Overall:

  1. David Paul Torres
  2. James Dunn
  3. Francisco Tovar

Male 12 and Under:

  1. Stephen Demitri Haluschak
  2. Ryan Escudero
  3. Daniel Wallsten

Male 13 to 19:

  1. Samuel Gutierrez
  2. Matthew Wallsten
  3. Colin Ivey

Male 20 to 29:

  1. Roger Ortiz
  2. Michael Twomey
  3. Marcos Lares

Male 30 to 39:

  1. Michael Schmidt
  2. John Dunn
  3. Christopher Avila

Male 40 to 49:

  1. Enrique Pineda
  2. Moises Soto
  3. Dominic Dousa

Male 50 to 59:

  1. Antonio Acosta
  2. John Mancini
  3. Paul Fleenor

Male 60 to 69:

  1. Javier Soliz
  2. David Gerbitz
  3. Jim Granados

Male 80+

  1. Buff Morrison

Female Overall:

  1. Beth Walters
  2. Amanda Torres
  3. Yoselin Negrete

Female 12 and Under:

  1. Lilly Stewart
  2. Samantha Menchaca
  3. Georgia Fleenor

Female 13 to 19:

  1. Kathryn Haluschak
  2. Sophia Ivey
  3. Alejandra Soto

Female 20 to 29:

  1. Cynthia Lujan
  2. Breanna Gerbitz
  3. Vanda Neimi

Female 30 to 39:

  1. Danee Stewart
  2. Isabel Penafiel
  3. Mary Korte

Female 40 to 49:

  1. Annette Escudero
  2. Sandy Soto
  3. Christa Bringas

Female 50 to 59:

  1. Cindy Martin
  2. Veronica J Esparza
  3. Jennifer Ivey

Female 60 to 69:

  1. Mary Uranga
  2. Nancy Peters

Female 80+

  1. Mary Morrison

Submitted Virtual 5K Run Times:

  1. Logan Griffith: 36 min. 20 sec.
  2. Gwynavere Griffith: 37 min. 34 sec.

Thank you again to everyone who participated, sponsored, and raised funds for this event! 

If you missed the event, it’s still note too late to be counted toward the final total to help moms and dads be the heroes the God created them to be by choosing LIFE for their babies! 

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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