Woman Arrested by Abortionist After Botched Abortion in Santa Teresa, New Mexico (Sept 1, 2020)

On Sept 1, 2020, a woman was arrested at “Woman’s Reproductive Clinic” in Santa Teresa / Sunland Park, New Mexico, operated by abortionist Franz Theard, after he botched both a medical and surgical abortion on the client who experienced days of extreme pain before passing remains of her baby at home from an incomplete abortion.

The woman and her husband called the abortion center in concern and then returned to the abortion facility with the remains of her child in a plastic bag looking for answers. She was concerned she may develop an infection, and was wondering what the abortionist had removed from her during the surgical abortion if the remains of the baby were still inside her after the abortion.

Before the couple arrived, however, the abortionist Franz Theard was witnessed quickly fleeing the scene. When the couple arrived, the abortion center staff took the remains of her child away from her and then refused to give her any records, refund, answers, or to return the remains of the child which at this point the woman wished to cremate and mourn having seen and realized that s/he was in fact a baby.

When they refused to return her child’s remains, she became emotionally distraught, at which point police were called and she was arrested, with the abortion facility pressing charges against her for disturbing the peace for shouting, “Give me my baby!” When the police brought the woman out in handcuffs, her husband, who had not been allowed inside, attempted to speak to the officer and was then also arrested for interfering with an arrest.

Fortunately, advocates from the Southwest Coalition for Life were on the scene who were able to get the woman released from jail, get her to a hospital to be treated for an infection caused by the botched incomplete abortion, and then connect the woman to free legal counsel who was able to get the charges from the abortion center dropped and seek justice for this medical malpractice and reproductive injustice.

You can read the full story from Abortion on Trial at https://www.abortionontrial.org/post/attorney-files-medical-board-complaint-after-jane-doe-s-arrest-following-botched-abortion

Mark Cavaliere

Mark Cavaliere

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