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Help Stop the $10 Million Tax Funded Abortion Center in New Mexico

A tax-funded abortion megacenter is underway in New Mexico, where abortion still remains unregulated up to the moment of delivery! Join national, state, and local leaders at the epicenter of Post-Roe America to learn a proven model how you can help STOP this dangerous facility ... before it's even built!

Thursday, June 27, 2024

6pm Pacific / 7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern

University of New Mexico to build reproductive health care clinic offering abortion services ... 0-13 screenshot

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Join Local, State, and National Leaders

Don’t miss hearing proven strategies from these expert speakers joining forces on June 27:

Mayra Rodriguez

Former Planned Parenthood Manager

David Bereit

Founder & Former CEO of 40 Days for Life

Leah Jacobson

Founder & Director of The Guiding Star Project

Bishop Peter Baldaccino

Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces

Senator David Gallegos

New Mexico State Senator

Dominique Davis

Executive Director of Project Defending Life

Mark Cavaliere

Founder & CEO of Southwest Coalition, Inc.

... and more!

Surprise Guests Taking Action!


Abortion corporations are aggressively expanding, fueled by your tax dollars!

Discover the urgent truth and what YOU can do to stop it in its tracks.


  • Expose the Scandal

    Learn the shocking truth about how your tax dollars are being misused to target Texas women and increase "abortion tourism" in New Mexico

  • Discover the Grave Threat

    Understand why this proposed facility is a greater threat to women's health and a culture of life than anything we've faced before ... and our new strategy to respond

  • Uncover a Proven Strategy

    Be encouraged to learn how another city previously halted the construction of a multi-million dollar abortion center ... and how it can be done again

  • Hear Whistleblower Secrets

    Gain eye-opening insider information from an ex-abortion worker on the deceitful tactics of the abortion industry and why abortion is NOT healthcare

  • Help Businesses Fight Back

    Learn how courageous local businesses are taking a stand against special interest outsider abortion corporations overrunning our local neighborhoods

  • Pioneer a New Prayer Campaign

    Get inspired to be part of first-of-its-kind prayer initiative specifically designed to combat the building of this tax-funded abortion facility

  • Get Critical Updates

    Understand the women's healthcare crisis that has made New Mexico a focal point of Post-Roe America ... and how the pro-life movement is helping to change it

  • Get an Exclusive Invitation

    Be the first to know when and why former Planned Parenthood director Mayra Rodriguez will be visiting Las Cruces and how you can join her fight

Together, we will stand united to



The abortion industry has already acquired the land to build this $10 million tax-funded abortion megacomplex in New Mexico without public scrutiny, exploiting the lack of regulation up to the moment of delivery. But the pro-life movement is fighting back! Register for this emergency webcast to get the latest breaking news about this alarming development and discover how you can be part of the solution. Time is limited as thousands of pro-life advocates in New Mexico and beyond are called to action in the coming days...

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