Paola Rocha

Position: Outreach Intern
Categories: Outreach Interns

Paola Rocha is an outreach intern for Southwest Coalition for Life. She and her brother Joel, promptly joined the Coalition after moving to El Paso from Southern California. They had been involved in pro-life work in their home state in the past, so they felt called to continue. When asked why she got into pro-life work Paola frequently replies, “I felt a strong conviction to do something. It’s not enough to say you’re pro-life and not do anything about it. The abortion debate is unique in the sense that it ends an unborn human life and then leaves the mother embittered or in shambles psychologically speaking. Both deserve better.”

Paola is a psychology major and French minor at the University of California Los Angeles. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, Tridentine mass, boba, reading, Mexican food, crêpes, and watching Star Wars. She is honored to be working with the Coalition and thanks God for such an amazing team.