Mariaelisa Lopez

Position: Outreach Intern
Categories: Outreach Interns

Mariaelisa graduated high school in 2021 with an associate degree, and she is currently attending her 5th semester of the nursing program at UTEP. She has always enjoyed an active life especially regarding religion. She was blessed to be surrounded by many people who were very active in their church, like her cousin Jessica S. and her daughter Lulu. They not only helped Mariaelisa deepen her faith but they also introduced her to the pro-life movement. She felt called to join our team during 2020 and very quickly grew more and more passionate about protecting life.

She enjoys many things such as learning (especially about medicine), hiking with friends or really anything with friends, ju-jitsu, swimming, reading, baking, and having fun experiences. When deciding where she wanted to work, Mariaelisa quotes, ” I prayed for a team who would not only be amazing people but would help my faith grow, and God sure delivered!”