Laurin Goodwin

Position: Outreach Intern
Categories: Outreach Interns

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion, Laurin strives to help expand education about abortion and the various factors that contribute to the culture we live in today while promoting a culture of life and truth. “God has led me to where I am now, and while it can be challenging, I find peace and comfort knowing that I can be a vessel for the His work,” Laurin says. “I reflect on the ways that God has worked in my life and how they all led up to where I am now and the work that I do, and each time I am left in awe by His greatness. While I may have lost friends and hindered relationships with family throughout this journey, I have gained a community of individuals who are filled with love for Christ and obedience to His will.” In her spare time, Laurin enjoys watching movies, attending Adoration, puzzles, painting, baking, working out, hiking, and trying new foods.