Joel Rocha

Position: Outreach Intern
Categories: Outreach Interns

Joel says that he has always wished to participate in the pro-life movement and bring transformative change to our country for both the preborn stripped from their mother’s arms and mothers who find themselves in these difficult situations. “Since abortion is, of course, the preeminent issue of our time,” Joel explains, “I chose to work for the Southwest Coalition for Life because, indeed, it would be foolish to recognize that abortion directly takes the life of an innocent person and yet willfully choose to do nothing about it.” In his spare time, Joel enjoys reading, working out, listening to music, and deepening his understanding of his Catholic faith. Because of his interest in metaphysics, Joel plans to earn a doctorate in philosophy and then raise a large Catholic family. “I want to help end the horror that is the laceration of our children, and also maybe learn how to swim,” Joel adds.