Jessica Holguin Sifuentes

Position: President
Categories: Administration

Jessica Sifuentes is a distinguished pro-life activist, entrepreneur, and President of the Southwest Coalition, Inc., whose journey is marked by resilience, faith, and compassion. A devotee of Fr. Richard Thomas, her faith formation journey began in her student days and continues to underpin her work. Jessica is married to her high school sweetheart and homeschooled her four children, while instilling in them the teachings of the Catholic faith.

In addition to her family commitments and faith practice, Jessica has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit by establishing her own successful catering business. This, coupled with her role as a catechist, teaching youth about the Catholic faith, reflects her ability to balance varied responsibilities with grace and steadfastness.

Her engagement with pro-life activism was, at first, met with resistance. Over a decade ago, she had two impactful encounters while praying on the sidewalk at the Hill Top abortion center in El Paso. Both times, her encounters with husbands whose wives were contemplating abortions left her feeling defeated and terrified. Convinced she would never return to pro-life work, she took a hiatus from the cause.

However, with time and the persistent encouragement from her cousin, Gaby, Jessica found herself reluctantly drawn back to the pro-life cause. She started with Southwest Coalition as a 40 Days for Life vigil coordinator in Santa Teresa, NM and El Paso, TX, which rapidly expanded under her leadership. Jessica also made the Southwest Coalition’s vision of mobile medical bus operations and increased sidewalk outreach initiatives a reality, further advancing the pro-life cause in her community.

Today, as the President of the Southwest Coalition, Jessica is committed to improving the lives and quality of healthcare for women. In her leadership role, she has been able to apply the knowledge she gained as a graduate of the EOS Integrator Masterclass, effectively transforming the big visions of the Coalition into tangible results.

Her extraordinary story and commitment have not gone unnoticed; Jessica has been invited to share her insights at national and international pro-life conferences. Despite initial setbacks and emotionally charged encounters, her journey is testament to her unwavering faith and a profound calling to stand up for life. Jessica Sifuentes, through her resilience, strength and deep-rooted faith, embodies the change that she wishes to see, making a significant impact on the lives of many.