Petition Against Item 3 on July 5 Agenda to Make El Paso an Abortion Sanctuary City

In response to the recent overturn of Roe vs Wade, and the fact that abortion will shortly become completely illegal in Texas thanks to the Human Life Protection trigger law, abortion activists are trying to pass a city ordinance to turn El Paso into an abortion sanctuary city by not enforcing this state law. 

You can read the full Agenda Item Number 3 here, which intends “to create the appropriate Ordinance” to direct city officials not to “solicit, catalog, report, or investigate reports of abortion” and that “police should make investigating abortion their lowest priority.” The item also falsely claims that Texas law will criminalize women, which is false political misinformation. The Texas Human Life Protection Act only criminalizes abortion providers. It does not criminalize women for seeking nor for even having abortions, whether out of state or even if done illegally in Texas. 

These actions also violate 42 US Code § 1983. Furthermore, this ordinance would actually protect and encourage sexual predators, domestic violence abusers, and traffickers from any investigation or prosecution of illegal, unsafe, and even forced abortions without any medical oversight, and would deprive women in El Paso of malpractice claims.

Women have the right to have intentional acts of crime investigated by local authorities, which should not be negated by the abortion industry’s political influence over City officials to stop such investigations. Here is a draft letter to the City of El Paso from attorney Mike Seibel of Abortion on Trial. 

Please help us take a stand against this attempt to make El Paso an abortion sanctuary city!

Step 1: Sign the Petition

Enter your information to sign the petition below which will automatically be sent to El Paso city officials. You may edit the message if you want.

I am AGAINST Item 3 on the July 5 Agenda

El Paso City Officials,

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Step 2: Sign Up to Speak

You can sign up to speak in person or virtually on Tuesday, July 5 at 9:00 AM at El Paso City Hall, 300 N Campbell St, El Paso, TX 79901. Click the button below, select “Regular City Council” then “July 5”, enter your info, and then be sure to sign up to speak AGAINST Item 3. A video walkthrough is below.

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Step 3: Plan Your 3 Minutes

Each person will have three minutes to speak against Item #3. Here are the three main points to highlight in your own words:

  • 1

    I am AGAINST Item 3 which is based on misinformation

    The premise of this item is false. Texas law criminalizes abortion providers, NOT women in any situation for seeking or having abortion.

  • 2

    These actions will harm women

    This measure will only protect and encourage illegal, unsafe, and even forced abortions, depriving women of the right to malpractice claims and investigations of crimes against their bodies, which should not be negated by the abortion industry’s political influence over City officials.

  • 3

    Make It Personal

    Include your testimony, expertise, stories, or personal experience as to why turning El Paso into an abortion sanctuary city is bad for women in El Paso. In this setting, it is best to avoid overly religious justifications.

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